Victoria Firm Defending Residents in Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Surrounding Areas

As a criminal defense attorney, my purpose is to focus on your trial and to help you get the verdict you want and need. No matter what it is you have or have not done, you deserve the right to defend yourself in court without a bias against you and without your rights being violated. It’s important that your rights are protected every bit as much as those who are accusing you of a crime.

I can also help you work out an appeal if your trial doesn’t end the way you want it to. Sometimes, penalties or punishments aren’t what you’d expect, and you do have the right to appeal the decision of the court. I work at all levels of the legal system, meaning that I can take your case as far as the Supreme Court of Canada to help you get a fair verdict.

Being based in Victoria, British Columbia, and entering my 15th year of practice in criminal law, I have had the chance to represent many people who faced accusations from other parties and penalties from the law. Because the law doesn’t only punish the wealthy, I also accept legal aid referrals for those who can’t afford traditional services. For any non-legal aid matters, I can provide you with a flat fee estimate of what your case will cost, allowing you to make the right decisions in your time of need.